Apple cider vinegar diet

Why many people choose to use the apple cider vinegar

The apple vinegar is just like any other type of vinegar since it also contains the acetic acid. The apple cider vinegar diet is used to treat many things including diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, allergies and acne. It can also be used to treat the sore throat, high cholesterol, heartburn, gout and flu. In addition to these uses, the apple cider is also used for the weight loss. However, there is not yet any research which supports such benefits and it is rare to have a professional recommendation to use such treatment.

How the apple vinegar can help in management of different diseases

The following are some of the different types of the diseases in which you can use the apple cider vinegar diet for. The people who are suffering for the diabetes can take the blood sugar and it has shown good changes in the blood sugar when it has been used at night. Weight loss: there are many claims which show that the apple cider vinegar can promote the weight loss. Regular uses of the apple cider vinegar have shown that it helps in reducing the triglycerides, circumference, abdominal fat and body weight loss. The acetic acid also has shown that they help in lowering the blood pressure.

How to use the apple vinegar to treat the dandruff

vinegar dietThe apple vinegar can also be used for the dandruffs when it is mixed with the cup of water and cider vinegar. The vinegar solution has been known to restore the pH balance and to discourage any growth of the malassezia furfur which is the yeast known to trigger the dandruffs.

The mixture of the vinegar can be used for spraying bottle and for spritizing the hair. However, the user has to make sure that he is protecting the ear and the eyes. The hair will be wrapped into the towel and it will be washed afterwards. Practitioner can recommend using it twice a week for better result. The vinegar also can be used to treat the acne. The alternative practitioner may recommend the mixing of the apple vinegar into the three parts for the water. This solution is then used on the pimples. However, the user has to be careful when using the full strength vinegar on his face since it can cause burns and damage.

How the vinegar can restore the balance in the body

The apple cider vinegar diet is also used to restore the alkaline acid balance. The theory which is behind this diet, says that the blood is alkaline with normal pH, however the diet. However, someone who is having the problem with the mucous production, lack of energy, headaches, irritability, anxiety, sinus congestion, nasal and sore throat can have unbalanced alkaline in their blood.

Even if the  vinegar diet has the acidic solution, many people agree that it has also the alkalinizing effect on the blood. Even if this  cider vinegar diet remedy has not been yet researched, it is recommended that it can be used as health tonic on regular basis. Remember that if you want to take the alternative of the apple cider vinegar diet as the pill or liquid. You have to protect your esophagus by diluting the content.